A Christmas wish

Merry Christmas!

As Christmas eve dawns irrevocably upon us, my conscious coordinated with my unconscious and I had a thought. What are we happy for in 2009? I know most unequally, it is my canine companion Jacquie, she means so much to me and for me being away for over two and a half months, to have her greet me like she did when I walked in the door at my parents home, it almost made me cry. I was honestly overwhelmed to the point of I wasnt sure how to pick her up and hold her. Everyone is so fond of making lists, complaining about what does not work or didn’t work in the year that passed, I thought it would be nice to focus on what did work for a change.

And as far as tech company’s go, Im so happy to see #Motorola back in the game and on top! Who would have though Android would be the answer to so many companies looking to differentiate themselves from Apple? Also it goes to show how poorly Microsoft is handling Windows Mobile and how super shitty it truly is. If I was Steve Ballmer and had his resources, I sure would hire some engineers and fill up a room and get something pushed out in the next 30 days, with all that money, they can do better than the Omnia II. Hell, the Omnia I looks to be a better phone and you can get it for under $30!


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