Google Nexus One sneak peak!

Very attractive packaging

This one is truly worthy of the exclamation point in the title, gang as @joshuatopolsky has scored an exclusive hands on preview and full on unboxing of the HTC Passion/Google Nexus One.

The thing that’s struck us most (so far) about the Nexus One thus far is the fact that it’s really not very different from the Droid in any substantial way.

Josh has scored the first super clear video of the stock Android 2.1 ‘with Google’ UI experience and it is exciting in the fact that all HTC Hero, Droid Eris & Samsung Moments will be running this very same OS this quarter! I can only imagine with all the software optimizations that have been made in the coding, especially for the graphics, how much smoother and just more fun in general our phones (and investments) will be this coming year. The year of the Droid.

…And its Official!

UPDATE: Courtesy of @Gizmodo, more shots

Nexus One basic specs

Nexus One Back

Nexus One Front View

HTC CEO Peter Chou


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