Best Buy Optimization Is Fraudulent, Predatory & Illegal

Best Buy attempting to sell you a $2800 Netbook

This is one that I am confident that most of you have experienced. You get the Sunday ad, see the special, drive down with your hard-earned money having to deal with assholes all week at work, to buy that computer that you need to upgrade your digital life, social networks and more, ask the annoyingly hip teenager to obtain said unit after flagging like four people down and you get This: “Im sorry, we only have the optimized versions in stock”. I experience this all the time trying to find deals for my clients and purchasing said items on their behalf for solutions. And I always see family’s listening intently to the sales pitch of said Blue Shirt wearing bullshit spewing Neanderthals.

Tests actually scored about 32% worse than the non-optimized setup. We have been unable to isolate the source of this performance change. On none of the three tested laptops did the optimized settings give a performance boost in our test.

I am so sick of Best Buy and all of their marketing bullshit, from giving away a FREE twitter application on an audio CD, to Geek Squad being worthless and unethical, to their recent practices of bundling items to get mythical discounts that don’t truly exist and inflate their profits even more. Where the hell is the Obama Justice Department? Perhaps too bust getting lobbied by Verizon to keep their $350 Early Termination Fees. If we needed the EFF, we need them more than ever now. So say we all.


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