Windows Mobile 7 delayed. Again.

Chalk this up to MSFT just absolutely having zero clue how to execute in the mobile space, especially since it took them almost TWO YEARS (!) to go from 6.0 to 6.1 then 6.5! And keep in mind, all of this is the same shitty Windows CE code that was originally WinMo 4 & 5! Windows mobile 7 was actually supposed to be out early last year but somehow Microsoft managed to fuck that up as well. 

Look, I am a die in the wool Microsoft guy. Well, at least I was now that I think about it! I Had an X-Box & a 360) until the 2nd 360 I bought died on me. I canceled my Zune HD pre order because it was very 'meh'. Also, when it came time to get a new phone last year, I didn't even consider Windows Mobile. I got a Palm Pre. Yeah, that was a genuine turd-ball hardware wise, but software wise, wow, Palm has a winner! Finally, I just gave in and said fuck it and bought a Droid for New Years. Windows what? Android is the future and its here, now.

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