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Samsung Epic 4G is Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S variant, with a few special tricks!

Sprint has announced its new Galaxy S class variant ‘super phone’ from Samsung and its very clear Samsung has got its phasers set to ‘stun’ in regards to their competition. For the first time in nearly five years, every major US carrier will carry the same phone from the same manufacturer. This is amazing as Google tried, and failed on its own, to do this. Sprints version is arguably the best as its got some great key features that distinguish it from its otherwise ordinary peers.

One, It has a slide out physical keypad (this is huge, as very few high-end Android phones posses them) and Two; is Sprints nascent (but growing) 4G Wi-MAX service capable (if you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are you’ll have 4G service very soon). Not clear as of now is a software build that will have some special, key Sprint exclusive bundled in for multimedia purposes.

I am waiting to hear from Sprint if I can get a review unit and If I do, will write a through practical review comparing it to the EVO 4G and of course, iPhone 4.

Samsung Galaxy S Pro


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Breaking: Sprint to release HTC EVO 4G June 13th

According to multiple sources, I can finally say with eighty percent certainty that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be launching June 13th, 2010. As for what is 100% certain is that the phone will launch in June and that there will be no extra charge for basic 4G access. Wireless eight person Hot-Spot service will cost extra, rightfully so on 4G and will not have a data cap or be throttled.

The final piece of the puzzle I do not have for you yet is how much the device will cost, with full subsidies for new subscribers. There have been rumors of $199 after all Sprint mail in rebates, but I can not confirm this just yet. The new BlackBerry Bold 9650 is launching this May 23rd, at $199 after all M.I.R. are accounted for, so either Sprint will reduce the Bold (very unlikely as RIM devices have long been a Sprint staple) pricing after three weeks, or because of the sales strength of the Tour and now its successor, keep it at $199 and have it go up against the EVO at the same, static price point. This is really the big story for me in all of this, as how can a two-year old phone (technology wise) be sold for the same price as the latest and greatest?

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Major #4G news to break next week!

Major #4G news to break next week, #Sprint will be making some huge industry firsts with its new lineup of phones! ^MG

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A phone that trades hair-do for can-do

Verizon Wireless (majority owned by Vodafone Corporation in Europe) started to slang a lil’ mud towards the Death Star crew this past Holiday season and out of all the ads they ran, this one reminded me most of one of my favorites from the 80’s: SEGADOESWHATNINTEDONT! What do you guys thing, does the DROID melt the 3G S? Sound off!

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Groundbreaking 3.5G Android Device Announced by Qualcomm, HP & Google

BREAKING: Qualcomm tweets announcement ahead of Steve Ballmers keynote about a new Tablet PC, announced tonight!

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform delivers significant competitive advantages to our customers, enabling them to feature exceptional performance, ubiquitous connectivity and powerful multimedia in devices ranging from mobile handsets to smartbooks.

I’m excited to see what this product actually feels like and what U.S. carriers will provide, sell, service and market this product. I have a feeling Verizon Wireless will be the front-runner! Sprint, where are you?

Developers, developers, developers!

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Best Buy Optimization Is Fraudulent, Predatory & Illegal

Best Buy attempting to sell you a $2800 Netbook

This is one that I am confident that most of you have experienced. You get the Sunday ad, see the special, drive down with your hard-earned money having to deal with assholes all week at work, to buy that computer that you need to upgrade your digital life, social networks and more, ask the annoyingly hip teenager to obtain said unit after flagging like four people down and you get This: “Im sorry, we only have the optimized versions in stock”. I experience this all the time trying to find deals for my clients and purchasing said items on their behalf for solutions. And I always see family’s listening intently to the sales pitch of said Blue Shirt wearing bullshit spewing Neanderthals.

Tests actually scored about 32% worse than the non-optimized setup. We have been unable to isolate the source of this performance change. On none of the three tested laptops did the optimized settings give a performance boost in our test.

I am so sick of Best Buy and all of their marketing bullshit, from giving away a FREE twitter application on an audio CD, to Geek Squad being worthless and unethical, to their recent practices of bundling items to get mythical discounts that don’t truly exist and inflate their profits even more. Where the hell is the Obama Justice Department? Perhaps too bust getting lobbied by Verizon to keep their $350 Early Termination Fees. If we needed the EFF, we need them more than ever now. So say we all.

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Google Nexus One sneak peak!

Very attractive packaging

This one is truly worthy of the exclamation point in the title, gang as @joshuatopolsky has scored an exclusive hands on preview and full on unboxing of the HTC Passion/Google Nexus One.

The thing that’s struck us most (so far) about the Nexus One thus far is the fact that it’s really not very different from the Droid in any substantial way.

Josh has scored the first super clear video of the stock Android 2.1 ‘with Google’ UI experience and it is exciting in the fact that all HTC Hero, Droid Eris & Samsung Moments will be running this very same OS this quarter! I can only imagine with all the software optimizations that have been made in the coding, especially for the graphics, how much smoother and just more fun in general our phones (and investments) will be this coming year. The year of the Droid.

…And its Official!

UPDATE: Courtesy of @Gizmodo, more shots

Nexus One basic specs

Nexus One Back

Nexus One Front View

HTC CEO Peter Chou

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