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Samsung Epic 4G is Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S variant, with a few special tricks!

Sprint has announced its new Galaxy S class variant ‘super phone’ from Samsung and its very clear Samsung has got its phasers set to ‘stun’ in regards to their competition. For the first time in nearly five years, every major US carrier will carry the same phone from the same manufacturer. This is amazing as Google tried, and failed on its own, to do this. Sprints version is arguably the best as its got some great key features that distinguish it from its otherwise ordinary peers.

One, It has a slide out physical keypad (this is huge, as very few high-end Android phones posses them) and Two; is Sprints nascent (but growing) 4G Wi-MAX service capable (if you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are you’ll have 4G service very soon). Not clear as of now is a software build that will have some special, key Sprint exclusive bundled in for multimedia purposes.

I am waiting to hear from Sprint if I can get a review unit and If I do, will write a through practical review comparing it to the EVO 4G and of course, iPhone 4.

Samsung Galaxy S Pro


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Nexus One undergoes 3D benchmark test using Qualcomm’s Neocore

Card view 'borrowed' from webOS in Android 2.1?

So, while you are probably hyped out on ‘the Google phone’ rumors (anyone remember 2007 along with a certain fruit?), here comes some pretty neat video insomuch as it not only shows the UI in action but a glimpse of the devices internal metric prowess. There were originally two videos posted, this one I’m presenting and another 10 minute version, but it looks like it got nabbed for DMCA & thus taken down already.

While this is a neat device and as a new Android owner I am excited about all things Droid, do I really think this phone will cause folks to rush out and sign up with T-Mobile? The answer is ‘No’, not because the big magenta T isn’t great, but all of the carriers will soon have flagship Droid devices and thats really the point of Android! To foster and innovate numerous handsets and software across the mobile hardware spectrum, the antithesis to Apples closed development model, to make a truly Open Handset Alliance. And I think this phone will do a fine job building off of the Hero & Droids momentum!

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