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Breaking: Sprint to release HTC EVO 4G June 13th

According to multiple sources, I can finally say with eighty percent certainty that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be launching June 13th, 2010. As for what is 100% certain is that the phone will launch in June and that there will be no extra charge for basic 4G access. Wireless eight person Hot-Spot service will cost extra, rightfully so on 4G and will not have a data cap or be throttled.

The final piece of the puzzle I do not have for you yet is how much the device will cost, with full subsidies for new subscribers. There have been rumors of $199 after all Sprint mail in rebates, but I can not confirm this just yet. The new BlackBerry Bold 9650 is launching this May 23rd, at $199 after all M.I.R. are accounted for, so either Sprint will reduce the Bold (very unlikely as RIM devices have long been a Sprint staple) pricing after three weeks, or because of the sales strength of the Tour and now its successor, keep it at $199 and have it go up against the EVO at the same, static price point. This is really the big story for me in all of this, as how can a two-year old phone (technology wise) be sold for the same price as the latest and greatest?


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