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Samsung Epic 4G is Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S variant, with a few special tricks!

Sprint has announced its new Galaxy S class variant ‘super phone’ from Samsung and its very clear Samsung has got its phasers set to ‘stun’ in regards to their competition. For the first time in nearly five years, every major US carrier will carry the same phone from the same manufacturer. This is amazing as Google tried, and failed on its own, to do this. Sprints version is arguably the best as its got some great key features that distinguish it from its otherwise ordinary peers.

One, It has a slide out physical keypad (this is huge, as very few high-end Android phones posses them) and Two; is Sprints nascent (but growing) 4G Wi-MAX service capable (if you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are you’ll have 4G service very soon). Not clear as of now is a software build that will have some special, key Sprint exclusive bundled in for multimedia purposes.

I am waiting to hear from Sprint if I can get a review unit and If I do, will write a through practical review comparing it to the EVO 4G and of course, iPhone 4.

Samsung Galaxy S Pro


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Breaking: Sprint to release HTC EVO 4G June 13th

According to multiple sources, I can finally say with eighty percent certainty that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be launching June 13th, 2010. As for what is 100% certain is that the phone will launch in June and that there will be no extra charge for basic 4G access. Wireless eight person Hot-Spot service will cost extra, rightfully so on 4G and will not have a data cap or be throttled.

The final piece of the puzzle I do not have for you yet is how much the device will cost, with full subsidies for new subscribers. There have been rumors of $199 after all Sprint mail in rebates, but I can not confirm this just yet. The new BlackBerry Bold 9650 is launching this May 23rd, at $199 after all M.I.R. are accounted for, so either Sprint will reduce the Bold (very unlikely as RIM devices have long been a Sprint staple) pricing after three weeks, or because of the sales strength of the Tour and now its successor, keep it at $199 and have it go up against the EVO at the same, static price point. This is really the big story for me in all of this, as how can a two-year old phone (technology wise) be sold for the same price as the latest and greatest?

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Palm stock plunges 13%, likely to have one last chance at comeback

Sprint Palm Pre

Palm is in deep crap. This is hard for me to say, because I am a loyal @Palm customer and have been so from when they had the very first Pilot model and were part of 3M. However, there is no denying now, that the Crazy Drug Lady ad campaign did not work, along with a botched launch with way to large of expectations (on all sides), plus very serious quality control problems with the Pre (Pixi is rock solid comparatively speaking) that still have not been addressed. And you know what? I like my Pre, but I sure as hell don’t love it. The most basic of tasks is infuriatingly frustrating due to lag in the phone application and please do not even get me started on camera lag or lack of real applications or games. Big le sigh, starting now!

The continued success of RIM and Apple seems to indicate that smartphone sales are immune to the current global economic climate, and that Palm’s continued comparative floundering at every possible turn is the exception, not the norm.


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